Extreme Marine Workout LLC

Extreme Marine Workout LLC
Pre-deployment training, Camp LeJeune, 2010

Extreme Marine Workout is the brand that I designed in 2010 to share my story of training for Marine Corps Officer Candidate School and how Beachbody products P90X and INSANITY helped me to achieve my dream of becoming a United States Marine Corps Officer. Here's a link to the original blog and my Beachbody affiliate site.

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Serving with the United States Marine Corps was always a dream of mine--and pursuing it scared the hell out of me.

I was afraid of failure, but I was afraid of living a meaningless life even more. As a result of Bush's War on Terror and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Marine Corps extended the age deadline to 30 from 28 to attract 40,000 more Marines.

But getting in shape was another story. Competitive Marine Corps Officer Candidates had a three mile run time of less than 21 minutes and cranked out 17-20 pull ups in a row. My first training run was in the heat of the day in Herndon, VA with multiple stops and a total time over 30 minutes.

I had a lot of work to do.

One day after waking for another day as a loan officer during the subprime mortgage boom of 2005-2007, I committed to getting on a treadmill and running until I made a decision. Every time I waivered, I increased the speed until I ran at a full sprint, forcing a decision.

I was in. Not trying would be worse than trying and failing.

The Marine Corps boasted the best leadership training program that America had to offer. I wanted nothing more than to develop as a leader and serve my people.

More to follow...

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