Repost-20090406 PFT

April 6, 2009 Physical Fitness Test

Repost-20090406 PFT

My second Personal PFT while at TBS showed an improvement both in sit-ups and pull-ups with a drop in run time. There's not really any good reason for the poor run time other than it just being a slow day. That happens sometimes. On the other hand, sit-ups improved as did the pull-ups. Not only did I do those before running, I had extra motivation that day as well. Still not good enough to sit on my laurels, but it's an improvement.

3 mile time: 21:52
Situps: 99
Pullups: 19

Score: 270/300

My personal best PFT score was a 283 at OCS in December 2008. 100 sit-ups, 19 pull-ups and a run time of 20:13. Best run time was my initial PFT at OCS in October 2008, 19:59. Working to get back to that.